Thursday, 4 November 2010

A Story to Restore Your Faith in Society

A Canadian couple who won $10.9m (£6.7m) in lottery winnings in July say they have given away $10.2m of the prize to groups in their community. Allen and Violet Large said they were plain country folks who needed no more than "what we've got".

The two said they had donated about 98% of the cash after helping their family. The elderly pair gave the money to churches, fire departments, cemeteries, the Red Cross and hospitals, where Ms Large has undergone cancer treatment.

"We haven't bought one thing. That's because there is nothing that we need," Mr Large, 75, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Mr Large, a retired welder from Canada's Nova Scotia province, added that he and his wife were quite content with their 147-year-old home and everything else they already owned. "You can't buy happiness," he said.

From the BBC News Website

An unusual but welcome item - a heartwarming story on the BBC...


miruspeg said...

Mike this story sure does restore our faith in human kindness and unselfishness.
I am buying lottery tickets for this very purpose, to set up a foundation to provide money for non-profit organisations to run their programs.
Peggy xxxx

Mike Smith said...

I admire you Peggy - but you'll still remember your friends from far flung places if you win - won't you?!!

miruspeg said...

Sorry mate I have made a deal with the Universe, if I win any money it ALL goes to charity. :-(

Lilly said...

Just goes to show that this couple are truly happy with what they have. Have you ever seen those stories they have. I dont think I could be as generous as Peggy or them. so I am hoping Peggy wins next. Have you ever seen one of those TV shows on what happens to Lotto winners? Its not that much fun. I think a little money is good but too much is a burden (I know who would have thought). I like entering competitions and winning stuff but I am not a gambler and I dont buy lottery tickets either.