Sunday, 8 January 2012

Damaging Scotland's Economy

David Cameron has indicated that he intends to seize the initiative over a referendum on Scottish independence. He told Andrew Marr, in a BBC interview, that "in the coming days" the UK government will set out the legal position concerning a vote on Scotland's constitutional position.

The prime minister said uncertainty was damaging Scotland's economy.

From the BBC News Website

So Dave has decided to 'seize the initiative', eh? Well, he wouldn't be the first Tory Prime Minister to treat Scotland as an irritant that needs to be dealt with. Back in the 1980s/90s, the despised Margaret Thatcher 'seized the initiative' when she shut down traditional Scots industries such as coal mining, steel and shipbuilding and, in doing so, tried to destroy so many communities. She may have destroyed the working traditions of thousands but she could not do the same to the spirit of the Scottish people.

Thatcher also used Scotland as a guinea pig for the poll tax. Thousands of Scots refused to pay this most unfair method of local government taxation but this didn't stop her then trying it throughout the rest of the United Kingdom - the ensuing riots meant this was one of her idiotic schemes that was doomed to failure.

Nowadays, Scotland is a very different place. It has a devolved parliament run by the Scottish National Party which has achieved so much in a short space of time to make Scotland a better place to live for hundreds of thousands of people. The Tories - and the Labour Party to a certain extent - are running scared. David Cameron knows the people of Scotland are seriously considering independence rather than see him and his clueless class-obsessed party damage Scotland the way Thatcher did decades ago.

'Uncertainty damaging Scotland's economy?' Any damage to Scotland's economy will come from London and a Prime Minister and coalition government who care not a jot about the Scots or their country. We certainly don't need a lecture from an old Etonian who doesn't speak for our nation - and a man who said last week that dealing with the shadow chancellor Ed Balls was like dealing with someone who has autism.

Stick to what you know best, Dave. Which, going by the last few months, certainly isn't running the country.


Adullamite said...

Well said. Read this

miruspeg said...

I am really proud of you Mike. You are very passionate about your beloved Scotland and I hope there are thousands of others like you that will bring about the change that is sorely needed.

Have you seen the film "Iron Lady"?
Meryl Streep portrays Margaret Thatcher brilliantly.
Peg xxxxx

Mike Smith said...

Thanks, folks. You make an old man very happy!

Mike Smith said...

BTW, Peggy, my dear, I refuse to go and watch a film about that despised dictator...

Marjorie said...

Couldn't agree more Mike however this may put peoples backs up so let him carry on!!

Mike Smith said...

Alex Salmond has said today he wants a referendum on Scots independence in the autumn of 2014 - a fine way to mark the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn.