Thursday, 18 February 2016

Grateful for the NHS

Back in November I had a health issue which required investigating, the result of which was a wee operation yesterday. Initial findings have shown 'nothing untoward' although a biopsy has been taken to make sure that's the case.

The National Health Service is constantly in the news, principally because of the UK government's reform plans for the NHS in England. In Scotland, health is a devolved issue although you might think differently if you watch the news on the BBC or ITV.

I'm home now, recuperating, after a long and tiring day. I'm drugged up with appropriate painkillers and faced with the prospect of walking like John Wayne without his horse for a few days, if you get my drift...

I must offer a big thanks to the wonderful staff at Edinburgh's Western General Hospital who made time there as bearable as they could.

NHS staff are extremely hard-working and work long hours. One of the nurses I spoke to started her shift at 7.30am. As she prepared my discharge papers just after 4.00pm she commented she was grateful for finishing early that day - she was getting away at 6.00pm. I know you'll find this difficult to believe but I do have a mump and a moan about things from time to time. However, I consider myself lucky when I compare what I do for a living to those who work long hours in a pressurised environment where mistakes can be deadly.

So, I take my hat off to NHS staff (even if one of the nurses on duty yesterday was of the Hibernian persuasion and was keen to relate the events of the Edinburgh derby the previous evening which was almost as painful as the pain I'm experiencing now)

I'm not sure that Prime Minister David Cameron and his cohorts appreciate NHS staff -  but I certainly do.


Adullamite said...

Sorry to hear about the nurse!

Mike Smith said...

Aye, not what I wanted to hear as I was about to go under the knife...

miruspeg said...

Nurses are certainly unsung heroes Mike, so pleased they made your stay as comfortable as possible in hospital.
It may be an idea to send a letter to the hospital praising these unsung heroes. I am sure all concerned would appreciate that.
Glad you survived the knife my friend and hope your recovery is swift.

Keep shining.
Peggy xxxxx

Mike Smith said...

Thanks, Peggy. Sadly, my recovery is anything but swift. But I'll get there. Hope you are well, my friend.

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