Sunday, 7 February 2010

East Stirlingshire's Magnificent Gesture

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But not only are East Stirlingshire FC going great guns in the Scottish Third Division - if they beat Elgin on Wednesday they'll go top of the league - but they're doing their bit for the community.

The Elgin game at Ochilview will be free admission for all. Yes, free. There will be a collection to raise funds for the Yorkhill Children's Foundation and Shire are asking fans to donate in return for not paying an entrance fee to the game.

Football is presently having some bad press in the wake of the John Terry saga. It's time to highlight a magnificent gesture by East Stirlingshire - and one that deserves recognition.


Anonymous said...

It is indeed a great gesture from the club. My memory is a bit hazy but I'm sure they let fans in for free a few times about 5 seasons back. Although that was because they were rank rotten!

Mike Smith said...

A sum in the region of £1,400 was raised on the night. Well done to the Shire.