Sunday, 7 February 2010

It's in the Detail

You will work proactively to manage workloads and provide updates and information as requested.A successful performer in this role is approachable, adaptable and willing to go the extra mile. A good eye for detail, particularly when working under pressure, coupled with a responsive and positive attitude is essential. An ability to work within a team is also critical to effective performance. Monitor stationary supplies and order new or replacement stock ...

I came across this job advert on a website and couldn't help but smile. As well as the usual cliches - willing to go the extra mile, indeed - a good eye for detail clearly wasn't in the remit of the person who posted the advert.

It reminded me of when my daughters went to St. David's High School in Dalkeith a few years ago. Report cards could, on occasion, be comedy gold. My youngest daughter's report had a summary from her English teacher.

Michelle is hard working but tends to chat a lot in class and lacks attention to detail.

I suspected Michaela wasn't making as much an impression on her teacher as she thought...

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