Monday, 1 February 2010

September 1962

An oft-used phrase heard these days is 'the nanny state'. This is a photograph of me inviting someone to a 'square-go' when I was a little over six months old. Yes, it was so long ago the photo is in black and white.

No nanny state back in 1962. In fact, as this photo illustrates, no nanny at all - hence the threatening of an outbreak of hostilities. What I find intriguing is not my stunning good looks, even at the baby's the fact one of the laddies standing at the pram has what appears to be two empty beer cans tied to his back.

Nanny state? We were a hard bunch back in the early 1960s...


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miruspeg said...

Fantastic photo Mike.
You really do look like you are inviting the kid to a 'square go'!