Sunday, 25 April 2010


Happiness is a faraway land
Although if you are far away it is home
Some might say it cannot be seen or heard
But sometimes it has to be seen to be heard
Be sure it has to be round the corner
Hidden, obscured by fate

Happiness is good music sometimes
Rude Boys bopping to ska
Seeing someone smiling, nearly almost

When the bath water is just right
A paragraph in a book
Sleepy sensations on trains
An afternoon nap
When beer goes down just right

A brilliant conversation, women, football, independence
Hearts beating Hibernian (often)
Edinburgh in all its magnificent splendour
The smell of the brewery wafting over the streets of Gorgie

These all have their moments

Happiness is reflections....on better days when times are sad


Adullamite said...

You were at the game then.....

Mike Smith said...

Actually, I wasn't...

Lilly said...

I like this a lot Mike, well done. I particularly find this to be true - Happiness is reflections....on better days when times are sad.

Notice how Falkirk are out of the SPL - interesting times. I spent almost 5 days a week at that club for two years. Needs to be gutted I reckon and start over.