Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Faith in Human Nature

Today was a difficult day for the Auld Reekie Ranter. Getting a telephone call at work to say a loved one had been rushed to hospital made an already difficult day quite horrendous. My dear old mother had collapsed in the street whilst out shopping and was hospital bound.

After a few hours being assessed in Edinburgh's Royal Infirmary she was allowed home - her blood pressure had fallen dramatically but hopefully a wee amendment to her medication should alleviate this (my mother is an ardent fan of Aberdeen Football Club and I should like to dispel the rumours that the shock of seeing The Dons sitting at the top of the league was too much for her...)

However, I would like to thank a very kind lady called Pauline who came to my mother's aid when she collapsed. Not only did she telephone for an ambulance she had the foresight to see if my mother had a contact number on her person - which, thankfully, she did. When I got the call at the office I immediately headed for the hospital where my mother received medical attention.

Pauline had left her number for my mother to call her later as she was concerned about her. I phoned Pauline earlier tonight and thanked her for her kindness and swift action which may well have saved my mother's life. In a world where we hear constant bad news and negativity, it restores my faith in human nature to know there are such kind, thoughtful and wonderful people around. People such as Pauline - who I can't thank enough.


miruspeg said...

Sorry to hear your Mother had to be rushed to hospital Mike.
But I certainly enjoyed reading the next part about the lovely Pauline.

It is wonderful to have your faith in human nature restored....although I didn't realise you had lost it!
Peggy xxx

Adullamite said...

Good stuff. Hope mum will be OK.

Mike Smith said...

Thanks, folks.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh Mike, I hope your Mom is fine and this is all behind her. What a scary phone call that must have been but bless Pauline's heart for being so kind. I wish there were mote people like her.
Cheers, jj