Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Cooncil Rant No. 94

As a resident of Midlothian, I received the council's latest newsletter today. As usual with this publication, some of its content is comedy gold.

On the front page is a plea from those at the Big Pink Hoose asking for the good people of Midlothian to come up with ideas on what should be cut from the council's budget. Midlothian anticipates it will need to save £25m over the next three years. They have published a questionnaire for people to complete and have arranged several public meetings in which the council's Chief Executive and councillors will attend to listen to what the public have to say.

Some might say this is consultation and ought to be encouraged. My view is this smacks of a lack of leadership, of passing the buck and shying away from decisions that will affect us all. The Chief Executive appears to be wanting to ask the public how to do his job. Here's my suggestion on how to save some money. Scrap the public meetings and questionnaires. The cost in arranging these token gestures must already be considerable.

In the same newsletter there was another article on how the council was ready for the onset of winter and gave 'top tips' on how Joe Public could be ready too. These included:

Keep paths and pavements outside clear of snow as ice increases the risk of falls.
When clearing footpaths always dress warmly in waterproof clothing
Check the council website for information on adverse weather conditions

Here's another suggestion. Scrap the council newsletter. Better still - scrap the council and merge with neighbouring East Lothian. Think of the money that would save...


miruspeg said...

Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed Mike?
I do agree on several points you make here like combining councils if one is not helping the community it manages.

Unfortunately your link is not working so I missed out on that laugh...I presume it was funny.

Also you may as well help them out with a few suggestions!

Peggy xxxx

Mike Smith said...

Ach, Peggy, you know how much local authorities annoy me! The 'link' isn't a real website - but one that may be apt for a council!

Hope you're well!

Adullamite said...

Cooncil rant No 94.
Only Number 94?

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Oh I hear ye!!! And in SA its worse.

Vicky said...

Hey leave East Lothian alone, we have enough of our own problems!!

Lilly said...

He he, my thoughts exactly. As an ex Midlothian resident I totally agree with you. I take it things are getting worse given the global financial crisis? I was astounded to read about Ireland at the moment - it was only a few years ago that people were leaving here to go to Ireland to work in IT as the economy was booming. Things change quickly.