Monday, 18 July 2011

The Other Side of the World From Edinburgh... Glasgow. If you go the wrong way.

I had a day away from the coalface that is Human Resources in order that I could travel through to The Mitchell Library in Glasgow. This is an impressive building and the staff there were very helpful in assisting me with research I needed to do in relation to the book I am writing - Hearts Greatest Games (yes, there will be many plugs for this between now and next summer...)

After sampling the delights of a full Scottish breakfast in Auld Reekie, I boarded the 9.45am train to Glasgow. I wasn't sure where The Mitchell Library was so I checked their excellent website and the informative 'how to get there' section advised me that several First Buses - including a number 9 -  pass by. That was my first note of concern - my reader is well aware of my feelings on First Group.

Standing near Glasgow Central station, a First Bus number 9 approached so I asked the driver if he went past The Mitchell Library.

'Whit?' he asked incredulously, 'Ah'm no going past there. That's at Charing Cross. You need another bus, pal'

'Really?' I asked, somewhat puzzled as to why TML website said a number 9 bus passed by. 'So, my good man, what bus should I get?'

'Ye need a 44 - next street alang and up the road'

I heeded his less than helpful directions and ran to catch said First Bus number 44 in the next street.

'Do you go past The Mitchell Library?' I asked, somewhat short of breath.

'Aye!' replied the driver before adding 'Naw! Well, sort of!'

'Well,' I asked somewhat irritably, 'which of these three answers is it to be?'

'Ah dinnae go past it', the driver continued. 'Ah ging roon it, doon the street opposite'

'Okay, my good man, that will do'

An hour or so later I left The Mitchell Library armed with the material I had came for. As I did, a First Bus number 9 whizzed past. Initially I thought this contradicted the first bus driver I had encountered but soon realised what he meant when he said he didn't go past TML was that he was going the opposite direction - having already come from there. Good to see Worst Group are employing the same standards of service in Glasgow as they do in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

I end this tale on a curious note. Before heading for the train home I went into a pub called The Counting House in Glasgow's Buchanan Street for a swift pint. This pub has free wi-fi access so I duly registered and surfed the net on my ITouch, posting on Twitter (@Mike1874 if anyone cares) that I was in said pub. Half an hour later I received an email notification from Twitter saying Princes Square Restaurants in Glasgow is now following me on Twitter. Princes Square are based in Glasgow's Buchanan street - a short walk from the pub I was in.

The power of the internet? Or just a coincidence?


Joanna Jenkins said...

You're writing a book!?! How cool is THAT :-)

Perhaps the restaurant realized a soon-to-be-famous writer was in the neighborhood :-)

Cheers, jj

Adullamite said...

You? Plug a book? Never!
Love the bus drivers!

Vicky said...

A book? Gosh you kept that quiet!

And what do you have against First Group... oh wait, I now have that joy also as it takes me from home to work direct - when it turns up of course grr!

Anonymous said...

The power of t'internet I'd say. As I recall The Counting House is on the corner of St Vincent St and George Sq - but that could be the drink!

Mike Smith said...

Indeed Rab - geography has never been my strong point. Not far from Buchanan Street though!

Littleacornman said...

Would you not be better fitting "Hearts greatest games" into a haiku rather than a book? ;-)

I hope there's a fitting tribute to that useless twat Willie Young for handing you the Scottish Cup in '98 with that penalty for a foul a mile outside the box.Not that I'm still bitter 13 years on....

Mike Smith said...

Let it go littleacornman!