Thursday, 11 August 2011

David Cameron's Return Makes a Difference

The prime minister says police admit they got their riot tactics wrong, as he announces a raft of measures to help homeowners and businesses....


Joanna Jenkins said...

Phew. Glad he got that straightened out ;-)

And a belated happy birthday to Miss Hannah! She's beautiful.

Cheers, jj

miruspeg said...

I was gobsmacked watching the coverage on television of the rioting and looting.
The rioters certainly had the police under control!
I feel such a deep sadness and it breaks my heart that such anarchy can happen like this.
Peggy :-(

Vicky said...

Mr Cameron should also have checked the charge sheet for his ConDem other leader... as a 16 year old he was given a form of a Community Service Order for arson... I kid you not!