Thursday, 19 January 2012

Not All Bad News

It's been another tough week for The Ranter in more ways than one. However, at work today there was a wee pleasant surprise.

Working in Human Resources can be stressful, demanding and a quite thankless task. It's an old adage that people only deal with HR if they're in trouble, be it redundancies, disciplinaries or sickness absence. We're never going to be the most popular section of the company and that's something that goes with the territory.

However, today, I was invited to an event where kudos were given to those who have done something that is recognised as being for the good for the company. I was given a wee certificate under the category 'We Couldn't Have Done it Without You' and, embarrassed as I was at having to step on to a stage and accept my 'award', I was grateful that someone had taken the trouble to nominate me in the first place.

Usually at work it's nothing but grief and a culture of why did this or why didn't this happen? Today, for an hour and a half at least, it was pleasantly different and for that I was thankful. My wee certificate now sits behind me in the office.

Tonight, I'm at home and there's a bottle of brandy shouting for attention. I may just go and give it some...


Adullamite said...

Well done that man!
Well deserved!

miruspeg said...

It is ALWAYS a lovely feeling when our efforts are recognised.
Keep shining my friend.
Peggy xxxxx

Joanna Jenkins said...

That's terrific, Mike and even nice that someone nominated you for the recognition. Congratulations.
Cheers, jj

Lilly said...

Bravo. HR professionals are under appreciated. I hope you framed the certificate too.