Sunday, 11 March 2012

15 Years On

My father, daughter Laura and wife Pat at Laura's 1st birthday in 1987

I find it remarkable that today marks 15 years since my father died. He was taken away from us very suddenly following a heart attack in 1997, at the tragically young age of 58.

Despite three marriages and three sons to two different wives, he died alone  - indeed, police had to break into his home in Paisley after no one had heard from him for a few days.

Given the events of this year, I wish more than ever he was still around to offer me advice on a difficult personal issue. Tonight, I sit alone with just a bottle of brandy for company. I raise a glass and offer this little tribute to him.

If I could write a story
It would be the greatest ever told
Of a kind and loving father
Who had a heart of gold

I could write a million pages
But still be unable to say,
Just how much I love and miss him
Every single day

I will remember all he taught me
I'm hurt but won't be sad
‘coz he'll send me down the answers
And he'll always be 'My Dad'


miruspeg said...

The passing of time doesn't erode our memories or love of special people who have been a huge part of our lives Mike.

Relive those happy memories and write down your stories (yes you CAN write my friend) they will help you enjoy your brandy!

Take care and sending you heaps of love and hugs
Peggy xxxxxx

Mike Smith said...

Aw, Peggy, you're such a wonderful friend. Thank you.