Thursday, 28 June 2012



Lilly said...

Cute. And true. I signed up for Facebook, Twitter etc and truth is I just do not have enough of an interesting life to make use of them. Or perhaps, I have too much of an interesting life to have time to use them. Yeah I will pretend its the latter. Hope the weather is shining bright where you are Mike.

miruspeg said...

I have often wondered why people post such inane things on their wall.
I use Facebook to keep in touch with my extended family, as I have been put in charge of updating our
family tree since my father died in 2006.
I grap all the photos of new babies and new husbands and wives.

So Facebook does have a purpose but the trivial side I leave to others. I am a Twitter and Pinterest girl at the moment!

Mike Smith said...

Thanks, Lilly. You know what the Scottish summer is like - rain, wind and cold!

Peggy - I know you are a Twit(ter)!