Thursday, 18 October 2012

Giving It a Rest...

My life has changed in 2012. I left my wife of nearly thirty years in January and it's been a a tough ride on life's emotional rollercoaster. The effect this has had on my two daughters has been more than I thought it would but the change had to be made. When that great singer, Paul Weller, made the decision to leave The Jam thirty years ago - a few months after I got married - he shocked the world. Recently, he spoke of his decision.

'It didn't seem a particularly monumental decision to me. Any radical change in life has an upsetting and awful effect for other people, in whatever relationship. But what's the alternative? You carry on and pretend you're enjoying it? What's the point in that?  Someone's always going to get hurt along the way. You either have to be true to yourself or live a lie. And I'm not prepared to live a lie.'

The great man's words sum up my decision to do what I did ten months ago. I wrote on these pages towards the end of 2011 that this year would bring huge changes in my life. And it has - for the better. I look forward to 2013 and the even bigger and better changes next year promises.

I've been writing drivel on this here blog for nearly 5 years now. When I first started I was a keen blogger, posting almost daily and keen to share my inane ramblings with the world. It's brought me friends from around the world, particularly Australia and the United States. Some people even follow this blog and for that I'm particularly grateful. However, I've decided to - as the Scots say - 'gie it a rest'. I'm not going to delete the blog but I won't be updating very often either. Not that many people read it anyway so it's hardly a loss to the literary world!

I can recommend the blogs of my very good friends. Adullamite, a mature Hearts supporter who lives in England but always has something interesting to say; Lilly and Peggy in Australia, two fabulous bloggers whose view of the world is truly inspiring; and, across the pond, Joanna's blog is a quite brilliant read. There are other blogs listed on the right hand side that are also worth a visit.

It's been a great adventure and I've enjoyed writing my witterings. Thank you to everyone who has visited the blog and commented on my posts. To think talented people from the other side of the world have taken the time to read my gibberish outpourings touches my heart.

I may post again at some point in the months ahead. Hopefully with news of another life changing decision. But for now, it's goodnight from me - but not before another plug for my book, Hearts Greatest Games, still available on Amazon and in all good bookshops!


Lilly said...

Hi Mike, I think you have done brilliantly to survive this year. It must have been tough. And you have to live your life and move forward the best way you can.

I for one will miss your writing and your great sense of humour. Of course this may mean that I will be forced to buy your book on Football. Is it funny, in the slightest?

I am glad you are leaving your blog up because you will come back again. Well I hope you do. I have taken many breaks since I started my blog in 2008, the longest being 6 months.

And thanks for the shout out. It is appreciated.

Take the best of care and fight for what is rightfully yours. A happy life.

Adullamite said...

You wrote a book....?

miruspeg said...

Ahh me old mate Mike is saying adieu to blogging.
I can certainly understand your reasoning, as I have more or less stopped blogging too.

Hasn't it been a fabulous ride. Blogging has truly changed my life. It allowed me to process through ideas and to form them around written words.

But mostly it has allowed me to connect to people all over the world....complete stranges whom I have grown to love dearly and you my friend will always have a very special place in my heart.

Namaste and much love

Sausage said...

All the best mate, hope tae hear from you soon. Enjoy your sabatacal
Cheers, Sausage...

Mike Smith said...

Lilly & Peggy - thank you, you are two very special people

Sausage - cheers, buddy

Adullamite - have you sold your copy on ebay yet?!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Mike, We've been reading each other's blog for a good long while. I think Lilly introduced via her blog. I remember the email you sent asking to if it was okay to add my blog to your blogroll. I was so blown away and honored-- and I still am. You are a true gentleman and it's been a pleasure getting to know you and your lovely daughters and sweet grandkids.

That said, I realllly hope you're not gone from blogging for good. I completely understand blogging less and less over the years because I have too. And I know the past year has been a hard one for you.

So stop back from time to time. I'm keeping you on my blog roll so I'll know when you're posting.

Take good care, thank you for the shoutout and know you have a friend in California.

Cheers, jj

Mike Smith said...

Thanks, JJ that's very kind of you. I'll still be visiting your blog so there's no escape! Thanks for your kind words and support - it's much appreciated.

Vicky said...

Ach Michael, de-blogging :-( Far more people read your blog and were interested than I think you give yourself credit for.

Various things in our lives detract us from blogging, I'm finding myself in that same boat at present but we have to do what we feel it right at this given time.

ps. I can't sell my book on ebay yet as its unsigned so not worth as much!! ;-)

Look after yourself and we await the return of your ramblings!

Haddock said...

That picture is very familiar. In fact whenever I see that I feel sad, that the cartoon show is over :-(
Oh - the number of times I have sat in the theatre to see Tom & Jerry.

Lilly said...

Oh I thought when you left a comment on my blog that you may have been back blogging. Anyway hope you and yours are well Mike. And you are winding down to the holiday season.

Tyler Thursby said...

Wish I had a similarly well crafted survival skills. I applaud you!

Check out my awesome travel blog soon :)