Friday, 3 May 2013

Jack the Lad... 8 years old today. And a fine lad my grandson is turning into. The fact he is halfway to adulthood is somewhat scary and makes me feel even older than I already feel.

I'd like to think that ten years from now, I'll be buying Jack his first pint of foaming ale in the pub. Sadly, as he lives in Dalkeith, I suspect he'll be doing this before too long...

Happy birthday, young fella.


miruspeg said...

Jack the lad will be your buddy always Mike, the Internet will help keep you close and it touch.
Lovely photo of the smiling, shining Jack and his sister.
Peggy xxxx

Lilly said...

Oh Mike you made me laugh. What a gorgeous boy he is. You are a young grandfather and you are right, if you want to be the first to buy him an ale don't leave it too long. That applies everywhere just not Dalkeith. Love his name too!