Thursday, 1 August 2013

Special Delivery

I received an item through the post today. Now, I've ranted on these pages before about the sometimes abysmal postal service in Edinburgh (although it's not as bad as when I lived in Dalkeith) However, credit where credit is due. The item was incorrectly addressed and just had my name and street. This proved no obstacle to the intrepid postie who pushed it through my letterbox this morning. So well played that fella! (or lass)

Sadly, though, this has proved to be the exception rather than the rule. At my place of work we tend to rely on couriers when trying to send something urgent by transport to Edinburgh.

Royal Mail usually does the trick - but you can't rely one hundred per cent the item will get there. Sending items by recorded delivery not only costs more but, as happened on numerous occasions when I lived in Dalkeith, some posties don't get a signature on delivery as they're meant to - they simply push it through the letter box.

Small wonder then that the UK government is looking to privatise Royal Mail. In an age when technology means email and social media is an instant way of communicating, it seems to me that Royal Mail have struggled to adapt to change.

I'm grateful for the delivery of my item today. Sadly though, the days of Royal Mail delivering to their customers are  - unlike the item sent to me today - numbered...


Adullamite said...

Privatisation will greatly increase costs, limit the service further, see many strikes as the management is poor, and will follow the pattern of other private utilities, fail!

Lilly said...

Strangely I have no complaints about our government owned postal service here. However, if I had to deliver post on foot like happens there I might not be so effective either. Our post boxes are on our footpaths not in our front doors. Therefore our mailmen and women are on motorbikes delivering the mail. Maybe that's the difference. It is a lot quicker that way. Why is mail delivered through the front door? Because of the weather maybe? It has me curious now.