Sunday, 16 March 2014

Mirror in the Bathroom

The bathroom. The smallest room in the house but, arguably, the most important (although there's no argument when I stagger back home after consuming several pints of foaming ale of an evening and my bladder is screaming for relief) However, it's a room that can be taken for granted. No one spends too long there - only through necessity and the need for a bath or shower.

I fancied some mirrored furniture - for our bathroom. I know, it's a sign of the times. There's something classy about the cabinet (pictured above) The only downside is I see my ugly mug in it every day and, therefore, a reminder of my advancing years.

Sometimes I feel my age - particularly when returning home from Hearts games this season - and the strain and pressures of work and recent family events appear to be taking their toll. When I read the other day that well-known trade union leader Bob Crowe died suddenly of a heart attack at just 52, it made me think. I turned 52 three weeks ago and last week marked 17 years since my father died suddenly in similar circumstances at just 58.

Now, while I admired the bathroom cabinets I saw while surfing the net the other day, what would really impress me if there was one which reflected back an image of George Clooney when I looked at it.

Sadly, miracles don't happen in my life...


Adullamite said...

Pin a picture of George on the mirror and feel good!

miruspeg said...

Ahh Mike, don't think of the glass half empty, it's much more exciting to live life with a glass half full way of thinking, and by the way miracles do happen....Marilyn is by your side and loves you unconditionally, now that's pretty special.
Be well my friend.
Peggy xxxx

miruspeg said...

Opps sorry Marion not Marilyn!!
Peggy xxxx

Mike Smith said...

Thanks, Adullamite!

Peggy - now I'm being asked who Marilyn is! Hope you are well.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Funny-- I felt the same way when I was trying on clothes in front of a three way mirror at the Mall the other day-- If only Sandra Bullock was staring back at me. Ha!

On a serious side, I hear you about losing your parents at an age we are nearly at. Really makes you stop and think... and try to take better care of yourself.

Happy weekend.

Mike Smith said...

Indeed it does, JJ - hope all is well with you and yours across the pond.