Friday, 19 September 2014

Don't Complain

The majority of Scots voted No in the independence referendum yesterday. Which is the democratic choice of more than 2,000,000 people - just over 1,500,000 voted for independence. So, to those who voted no, I say I respect your choice. Just remember:

Don't criticise the UK government - you want to be governed by them

Don't complain when the austerity cuts still to come hit us

Don't complain when Scotland's block grant is cut and the Barnett forumla is scrapped

Don't complain about the nuclear weapons 25 miles from our largest city

Don't complain that your gas or electricity bill is so high

Don't complain when fracking begins in Scotland

Don't complain about zero hours contracts and the minimum wage

You got what you wanted when you voted No so enjoy the UK election next May and the prospect of a Conservative/UKIP coalition government.

Better together indeed. Remember 18 September 2014.


Anonymous said...

Well said Mike, never have I been so disillusioned than I was on Friday morning. I'm still stunned at the blinkered, selfish, spineless folk who voted no.

Steven Jaynes said...

There is huge sections of society in Scotland that will always be proud to be British and for them the No decision was always the right one. I am proud that they got up and voted. That is democracy at work. Over 90% of the electorate in some councils got up and did Scotland proud by exercising their right.

However I was saddened on Friday morning, as I watching in the early hours in London, when I knew that many people weren't voting no because of the pride associated with being British but rather because there was a lack of confidence and belief that Scotland had what it took to go it alone.

What I liked about the Yes campaign was so many people had a positive outlook of what was possible from an independent Scotland. Different people had different visions, hopes and dreams. There was a positive energy in the yes camp, not everyone agreed on the same path but that was ok. There was room for every ones ideas. Voting yes was only going to be the beginning. All that positive energy, and different ideas came together under one banner and had the result been different there was a real chance that positive energy along with the fact that so many people engaged in the debate meant that real change was possible.

Unfortunately the positive side lost and all that energy, raised hope and confidence could very well just be lost. The negative side won the debate, and those people might well not ask for any changes going forward. At least not with the same amount of energy as the other group. For many of them winning was enough. If that is the case the MPs at Westminster will be able to interpret this result in their own way and make changes to our political system accordingly without much input from us, and that would be sad considering how many people got up and voted.

Mike Smith said...

Anonymous - indeed.

Steven - thanks for visiting the blog and for your comments.

Lilly said...

I was really shocked Mike with the result. The opportunity has been lost for a long time I daresay. I recall going to England and shops refused to accept my Scottish money. Could not believe it. You are a separate country from England and it would have been good to have this formalised. You are right, no-one should complain. We are no better of course. We are still tied to the monarchy which is freaking ridiculous. With an aging population who get more and more scared of change I don't think it will ever change. What I did love about the Scottish election is it showed democracy as its best so congratulations on that. The No camp put up a great fight from where I was sitting on the other side of the World anyway.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Mike, I thought of you every time I heard about the elections on the news and, even with my limited knowledge, was surprised by the vote.

Mike Smith said...

Lilly and JJ - thanks, as always for dropping by and your comments. Seven days on and there's still no action on the timetable for increased powers for Scotland (as promised by the No campaign), the NHS is under threat and Britain is about to enter another war in Iraq. But we're 'better together' don't you know...