Saturday, 6 June 2015

Champions League ITV Style

Barcelona v Juventus - text commentary from Berlin (via ITV)

19:45 Kick-off

19:47 First 'I'll tell you what, Clive' from Andy Townsend

19:50 He's got be disappointed with that - Andy Townsend

19:59 You've got to wonder what might have been had Chelsea got to the final - Clive Tyldesley

20:05 I'll tell you want, Clive, they've got to be doing better down the channels - Andy Townsend

20:10 What Juventus need to be doing better, Clive, is getting in and around the penalty box - Andy Townsend

20:15 I've got say, Clive, I've been disappointed with Messi tonight - Andy Townsend

20:15 He has been fairly anonymous - Clive Tyldesley

20:16 What a fantastic goal from Messi!  - Clive Tyldesley

20:16 What a player, Clive, he's just something else - Andy Townsend

20:16 No doubt about that, but you do wonder how he would fare in the English Premiership -  Clive Tyldesley

20:20 I'll tell you what, Clive, he knows where the goal is - Andy Townsend

20:25 What a chance - from that distance he's really got to get his shot on target - Andy Townsend

20:26 Mute buttons pressed on remote controls all around the UK.....

Continued for 94 minutes...

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