Monday, 29 June 2015

Colin Cloud Kills

I have seen Colin Cloud before. So when I heard the forensic mind reader extraordinaire was back in Edinburgh, I just had to go and see him again.
Appearing at Summerhall, a throw of a blindfold away from Edinburgh’s Meadows, Cloud’s latest offering - as part of Edinburgh’s Magic Fest – was every bit a mesmerising as the last time I went to his show. Literally, mesmerising.
As the expectant audience filed into Summerhall’s Lab Theatre, the great man sat silently on a chair, blindfolded. With everyone seated his act began and it’s easy to see why he has never lost a game of poker. He recalled information from the recesses of the minds of complete strangers – how he managed to guess where one woman was from simply by listening to her say her name is astonishing.
His website says Colin Cloud will, literally, get away with murder. Of course, he doesn’t actually murder anyone but the finale to his show will leave you open-mouthed with amazement. And just as you think the show has ended, there is one final mind-blowing twist…
The great man is a lover of the works of Arthur Conan Doyle which has resulted in him being described as the closest thing on Earth, nay the Universe, to Sherlock Holmes.
But Colin Cloud’s show is anything but elementary. It is sheer brilliance and I felt privileged to witness a genius at work.

His show is on all this week at Summerhall. Go and see the great man. You will be spellbound.


miruspeg said...

You have made Colin Cloud sound an intriguing character Mike.
Hope he ventures down under to Sydney Australia one day....I love being spellbound.
Peggy xxxx

Mike Smith said...

He is awesome, Peggy. How he managed to read people's minds the way he did was astounding. If he ever goes to Oz, yes, do try to see him.