Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Long Lost Friend

The moment that we met
There was something so familiar
I felt like I'd known you for a thousand years
And there inside your eyes I saw a light that I'd been missing
Somewhere deep inside
All of the lonely disappeared
And, baby, now you're here I feel like I have found
A long lost friend that I've lived for all my life

A gentle hand
A part of me I've been trying to find
And now you're here
And the search comes to an end
I've found my long lost friend
Every move I make
Is to the rhythm of your heartbeat
Every single breath you take
You take with me
Oh, I ask myself
How did I ever live before you?

You came into my life
And put all the pieces into place
When I saw your face I knew that I had found
Like a storm out of the blue
Love rained down on me and you
So complete and so unexpectedly
Like a movie in my mind
I've seen a hundred times I feel like, I've loved you before...

Long Lost Friend
Now you're here
And the search comes to an end
I've found my long lost friend!

Dedicated to the one I love....

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Hypnotherapy - The End is Near

Next Sunday is 'D' day for my hopes of becoming a fully qualified hypnotherapist. The end of my studies is 15 November, by which time I need to have completed my three case studies. One year, four essays, eight learning journals, twelve classes, three case studies and more than fifty hours hypnotherapy practice on willing volunteers - and special thanks to those who have volunteered - will hopefully result in success.

Hypnotherapy can be used for so many things such as helping people who wish to give up smoking, lose weight, increase self-esteem and self-confidence, are struggling with stress in their lives, people who have phobias (fear of flying, fear of spiders etc) and all manner of things.

If I pass I aim to have my own hypnotherapy practice up and running in Edinburgh next year. So, if you have any issues you want resolving through purely natural methods - contact me!