Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Long Lost Friend

The moment that we met
There was something so familiar
I felt like I'd known you for a thousand years
And there inside your eyes I saw a light that I'd been missing
Somewhere deep inside
All of the lonely disappeared
And, baby, now you're here I feel like I have found
A long lost friend that I've lived for all my life

A gentle hand
A part of me I've been trying to find
And now you're here
And the search comes to an end
I've found my long lost friend
Every move I make
Is to the rhythm of your heartbeat
Every single breath you take
You take with me
Oh, I ask myself
How did I ever live before you?

You came into my life
And put all the pieces into place
When I saw your face I knew that I had found
Like a storm out of the blue
Love rained down on me and you
So complete and so unexpectedly
Like a movie in my mind
I've seen a hundred times I feel like, I've loved you before...

Long Lost Friend
Now you're here
And the search comes to an end
I've found my long lost friend!

Dedicated to the one I love....


Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh Mike, that's really, really beautiful and heartfelt. You madam smile and tear up. So very happy for you both.

miruspeg said...

Very touching, heartfelt poem Mike.
Ain't love grand!
Take care dear friend
Peggy xxxxx

Mike Smith said...

Thank you ladies. Do you think I've built up enough points to go out for a few beers this Friday...?

miruspeg said...

I think you will be right for a few beers each Friday until Christmas!
Cheers mate xxx