Friday, 15 January 2010

Oh, Belt Up...

TV character Peppa Pig will be seen wearing a seatbelt in future episodes, after parents raised concerns over children following her example. British animation company Astley Baker Davies said it would also re-animate scenes from the first and second series to reflect the change.

"We were very naive when we started making Peppa," co-founder Mark Baker told Broadcast magazine. "If we could turn the clock back, we would," he said.

Aimed at children aged two and above, Peppa Pig won a children's Bafta in 2005 for best pre-school animation. Shown on Five and children's channel Nick Jr, it follows a five-year-old pig named Peppa, her family and friends. Astley Baker Davies had initially considered including seatbelts and child seats in the show but felt it might limit the characters' range of expressions.

But it reversed its stance after a parent complained that her daughter had refused to wear a seatbelt because Peppa did not.

From the BBC News Website

My two year old grand-daughter Hannah adores Peppa Pig - when she's not running circles round her beleaguered Papa. You can guess what Santa brought Hannah at Christmas. But the politically correct brigade just can't let things lie. Perhaps someone may wish to point out that Peppa is a cartoon character.
As for the final paragraph in the story some people just aren't meant to be parents...

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Joanna Jenkins said...

I'm with you on this one.

It leaves me shaking my head and wondering who's in charge. The parent or the kid who doesn't want to wear the seatbelt.