Saturday, 30 January 2010

That's What Friends Are For

Friday night, last orders at the pub, get in the car and head for the club....Jeez, I'm delving into another Lilly Allen track...

I was out sampling the delights of Friday night in the centre of Scotland's magnificent capital city. Good company, good food and several shots of Jack Daniels made for a hugely enjoyable evening.

I saw someone who I hadn't seen for about a year. She has had a difficult year, having to deal with a close family bereavement, work issues and other problems. The last time I saw her she seemed to be struggling with the burden of it all and, I have to say, few could blame her. Last night she looked so much better; we're old work colleagues although we went our separate ways about four years ago. Rather shamefully, I haven't been in contact with her for nearly a year and I apologised profusely for my lack of sensitivity. But within minutes we had resumed normal service; the banter, the mickey-taking, trading mock insults - more importantly, the laughter had returned.

It was good to see her looking so well. I know it's a difficult journey for her and there remain significant obstacles ahead for her to overcome. But with the help of her friends and the people who care about her, I have no doubts she will get there. After all, that's what real friends are for.

Moreover, in what has been a somewhat perplexing week for me, she reminded me what true friendship is all about. For that, I'm truly grateful.


Joanna Jenkins said...

It's always great to renew a friendship.

Happy weekend.

疼痛 said...
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Lilly said...

That to me is what a true friendship is Mike. You can pick up and continue a relationship no matter how long its been since you saw one another. Glad you had a good night out. Oh and my daughter just saw Lilly Allen in concert here. They have these Big Day Out concerts all over Australia with losts of different bands etc. She loves her.

miruspeg said...

You going soft in your 'old' age Mike?...LOL
This is not your usual type of post.
Lovely to see your other side.
Big hugs

Mike Smith said...

Lilly - your daughter has good taste!

Peggy - Aye, I'm getting soft in my old age!