Monday, 1 March 2010

Calton Hill - Far From the Madding Crowd

The first day of March saw Edinburgh bathed in chilly winter sunshine. It's easy for those of us who live and work in and around Scotland's capital city to sometimes forget just what a wonderful city Auld Reekie is. Still enjoying some time off work, I decided on some solitude today and headed for Calton Hill, an oasis of calm in a vibrant city. A gloriously sunny day meant the conditions were ideal for taking the odd snap or two. There were the inevitable tourists milling around but I sat and and enjoyed the magnificent views while listening to the buzz of ceaseless activity on the streets below.
It was the perfect location to gather one's thoughts. With screaming schoolchildren now back at school after their 'half-term' break, Monday morning seemed the perfect time. I switched off my mobile phone, sat back and took it all in. No interruptions, no phones ringing, no hassle. Much as I love my family, everyone needs a little time on their own. And I'm thankful for being in such a beautiful city that affords its citizens the opportunity to do just that.
I know what you're thinking, dear reader. The Ranter is suffering from an uncharacteristic moment of enthusiasm. On Wednesday I'll be back at work with all the stress and pressure it brings.
But for a glorious hour or so today, I enjoyed that rare occasion in my life - tranquility!


Adullamite said...


Lilly said...

Oh I agree, it is a beautiful city and I loved my time there. And yes, I love being on my own for some quiet time too. Great picture and I hope you enjoyed your break.

1st Lady said...

And it's another fine day for a walk...

Huntly Loon said...

In all my time in Edinburgh I've never been to Calton Hill. If your picture is anyhting to go by it looks well worth a visit.

Hell, I may even sacrifice a trip to Pittodrie to take in the scenery!

miruspeg said...

I am late in reading this post so I guess you are back in the thick of things again.
But you have this beautiful memory to relive at will.
I enjoyed all my walks while visiting Edinburgh back in god was it that long ago.