Sunday, 13 February 2011

Rights and Wrongs

Prison bosses were told to apologise to an inmate who was caught with drugs in his cell after an inquiry by the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman. The prisoner was found with methadone, a heroin substitute, at HMP Shotts. However, the prisoner, named as Mr C, complained that Scottish Prison Service (SPS) staff had "adapted" the policy on searching and testing for drugs. His complaint was taken up by the ombudsman who found in the prisoner's favour.

The ombudsman ruled that the SPS should put a policy in place for staff to follow when testing substances, take steps to make prisoners aware, remind staff to record search timings and "issue an apology" to the inmate.

From the BBC News Website

The above story follows hot on the heels of the story of an inmate in a Scots prison who complained his human rights were breached because he wasn't allowed chocolate. This was a man who is serving a prison sentence for the sexual abuse of a ten year old child. Meanwhile, at Westminster the Houses of Parliament continue to debate whether some prisoners should be given the right to vote at elections. Again, this follows human rights protocol from Brussels.

I don't think I need to make comment on the above, dear reader, as I suspect you will have already formed your own opinion. All I will say is surely the victims of crime should have their 'rights' considered above all. Or has the world gone mad....?

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In Roman society he would have been thrown to the beats, or made Emperor!